Healwell travel kit

Healwell Homoeopathic Travel kit 

Healwell Homoeopathic Travel Medicine Kit consists of 6 homoeopathic medicines which can treat more than 15 common travel-related health disorders, such as

Homoeopathic Travel Medicine kit
1. Acidity
2. Cold
3. Cough
4. Colic
5. Diarrhoea
6. Fatigue/tiredness
7. Fever
8. Food Poisoning
9. Headache
10. Indigestion
11. Injuries, Cuts & wounds
12. Insomnia / Sleeplessness
13. Motion sickness
14. Nausea & Vomiting
15. Sore throat

PACKING: 6 X 8 gms Pills

healwell Injury kit

Healwell Homoeopathic Injury kit

Healwell Homoeopathic Medicine Injury Kit consists of 12 selected homoeopathic medicines (6 oral & 6 For External use) Which take care of all injury-related first aid needs.

It takes care of all types of injuries such as

   01. Injuries with or without bleeding
   02. Eye Injury
   03. Sports Injury
   04. Cuts
   05. Burns, Scalds, Blisters
   06. Punctured Wounds
   07. Fracture pain
   08. Insect Bites
   09. Sprains and Strains
   10. Nerve Injury
   11. Bruises
   12. Swelling, oedema due to trauma
   13. Muscular pain

6 x 5 gms Pills
3 x 15 ml Q
3 x 15 gms Creams

homoeopathic home kit

Healwell Homoeopathic Home Kit

Healwell Homoeopathic Home Medicine Kit consists of 24 homoeopathic medicines which can treat more than 61 common health problems of all age groups, such as

01. Acidity
02. Allergies
03. Anxiety / Worry
04. Loss of Appetite
home medicine kit india
Healwell Home kit
05. Arthritis
06. Backache
07. Bad breath
08. Black eye
09. Bites of insects/ animals....
10. Bleeding gums
11. Bleeding due to injury
12. Bleeding from nose
13. Blisters
14. Burning in the eyes
15. Burns
16. Cold
17. Colic
18. Conjunctivities
19. Constipation
20. Cough
21. Diarrhoea
22. Dysentery
23. Dryness of mouth
24. Earache
25. Ear Discharge
26. Eructations
27. Eye problems
28. Eye injury
29. Fainting
30. Fever
31. Flatulence
32. Food Poisoning
33. Fracture Pain
34. Gum Problems
35. Haemorrhoids / Piles
36. Hangover
37. Headache
38. Hiccough
39. Hoarseness of voice
40. Indigestion
41. Influenza (Flu)
42. Injuries, Cuts & Wounds
43. Insomnia/Sleeplessness
44. Mouth Ulcer
45. Menstruation Problems
46. Motion sickness
47. Muscular pain
48. Nausea
49. Nose affections
50. Numbness
51. Pyorrhoea
52. Sinsusitis
53. Sneezing
54. Sore throat
55. Stiffness of the back & neck
56. Strain
57. Styes
58. Swelling
59. Sprain
60. Urinary Infection
61. Whooping Cough

PACKING: 24 x 8 gms Pills

Healwell Homoeopathic Kits 
  • Natural and safe, 
  • Meets all first aid needs 
  • Round the clock health assurance
  • Reduces healthcare cost
  • For all age group
  • Ready to use pack with user guide
  • USFDA registered
Note: Home kit Comes with Ready to use pack with User guide.{ A User Guide is provided in Hindi and English.  The same can be provided in regional language also.}

The medicines are packed in Food Grade virgin plastic bottles that are tamper proof and ensures long shelf life of the product.

Healwell Homoeopathic School kit

Healwell Homoeopathic School Kit

Healwell Homoeopathic School Medicine Kit Consists of 11 Homoeopathic Medicines:
  • Healwell SH-1 (Cold Pills)
    school medicine kit india
  • Healwell SH-2 (Cough Pills)
  • Healwell SH-3 (Colic Pills)
  • Healwell SH-4 (Diarrhoea Pills)
  • Healwell SH-5 (Earache Pills)
  • Healwell SH-6 (Headache Pills)
  • Healwell SH-7 (Influenza Pills)
  • Healwell SH-8 (Injury Pills)
  • Healwell SH-9 (Nausea & Vomiting Pills)
  • Healwell SH-10 (Tonsillitis Pills)
  • Healwell SH-11 (Calendula Q)
Free Usage Guide Inside Kit. 

veterinary medicines

Healwell Plus Homoeopathic Pharmacy Offers Veterinary Medicines for Cows, Buffaloes, Horses, Farm and Diary Animals, Poulty, Emu, Rabbits, Dogs, Small Pets and Exotic Birds in India. Cost effective and Safe Homoeopathic Medicine for Animals and Birds.

alfa shakti tonic india

homoeopathic veterinary kit india

Healwell Homoeopathic Veterinary Kit

Healwell Homoeopathic Veterinary Kit
It Contains 11 Homoeopathic combinations in PILLS form:

veterinary medicine kit india

Healwell VT-1 (For Lactation Problem)

  • For restoring post-sickness milk production, for adequate milk of mischievous animals, during the convalescence period of milk fever.
Healwell VT-2 (For all types Injuries)
  • For quick healing of injuries caused during grazing and agricultural operations.
Healwell VT-3 (For retention of Placenta)
  • For retained placenta.
Healwell VT-4 (Post calving anoestrus, irregular Oestrus, repeat breeding, for general health of ovary and uterus)
  • Post calving anoestrus, irregular oestrus, repeat breeding, for general health of ovary and uterus.
Healwell VT-5 (For Arthritis & Lameness problems)
  • Arthritis, contused wounds, yoke-gall, any type of inflammation due to injury.
Healwell VT-6 (For Mastitis)
  • Acute and Chronic mastitis, milk with yellow or white pus, blood in milk, hard and inflamed udder, udder oedema.
Healwell VT-7 (For Various types of Fevers)
  • Pyrexia
Healwell VT-8 (In all types of watery diarrhoea, dysentery, calf diarrhoea)

  • In all types of watery diarrhoea, dysentery, calf diarrhoea.
Healwell VT-9 (For Foot & Mouth diseases)
  • As a preventive and curative for foot and mouth disease, chronic interdigital ulcers.
Healwell VT-10 (For Tympanitis)

  • Tympanitis due to excess feeding of Lucerne, all types of Tympany.
Healwell VT-11 (For Problems of Letting-down of milk and heifer infertility)
  • For difficult letting – down of milk after calf death,
  • Delayed oestrus in heifers of all species.
Contents: 15 gms each


Healwell Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine kit for Cows, Buffaloes, Horses and Other Farm and Dairy Animals.

Also Available Healwell Homoeopathic Veterinary Kit Refill Packs.

Healwell Alfa Shakti Tonic

Improve milk yield, milk fat
Healwell Alfa Shakti Tonic (For Veterinary Use)

  • General Tonic for Weight gain.
  • Favourably influences nutrition.
  • Corrects tissue wasting.
  • Improves assimilation with weight gain and stud animal.
  • Increases lactation in dairy animals.
  • Improves tint of egg-york.
  • Improves the strength of eggshells.
  • Build up the natural resistance of livestock.
  • Improves milk yield & milk fat.
  • For improving appetite, assimilation and nutrition.
PACKING : 500 ml

Best Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine Tonic for Dairy and Farm Animals like Cows, Buffaloes, Horse, Poultry, Emu, Dogs, Small Pets and Exotic Birds.